2019 Shootout Series

1. Each shootout will feature a set date, location and format.

  •                 Dates, locations and formats will be posted on the website and published in the WCC newsletter – Schedule to be posted in March!
  • Dates and/or locations will only change due to unsafe or unfishable conditions.

2.  Fishing in each shootout is free!
  •                  At each shootout, all participating anglers will earn points towards the WCC Angler of the Year award.

  •  A year-long points list will be maintained on the website and published on the WCC newsletter
  • The angler that accumulates the most points will be named angler of the year
  • Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 points list place winners
  • The points schedule for each shootout will vary based on format and # of anglers

3. Each shootout will have a cash prize pool.

  • Participating in each shootout’s cash prize pool will be optional. 

  • Buy in will be $25 per event (doubled for 2 day events) with 100% payout.
  1.             $20 to main format / $5 to big fish

  • Side pots will be encouraged, but will not be run or managed by the WCC

  • Angler’s not participating in the cash prize pool will still accrue points towards   angler of the year.

  • Cash prize pool will be distributed at the conclusion of each shootout


At each WCC Shootout event, anglers earn points based on their finish. The top 10 anglers at season end will earn invitations to compete in the WCC Championship on Sunday, October 27th.
An angler’s points total will consist of the sum of their accrued shootout points. The complete points list will be published in the monthly newsletter and posted on the website.

Invitations: The top-10 anglers on the 2019 Shootout Points List will be invited to compete in the Championship. If an angler is unable to accept the invitation, the next person on the list will be invited until the field of 10 anglers is reached.

Points: Points will be awarded to anglers at each event depending on the format and # of anglers present.

Stay Tuned for the 2019 WCC Shootout Schedule!!!

Heading 3

Polonia vs. Wild Carp Club
June 22 - 23, 2019

More details to follow

The Jaden Ruble Take a Kid Karpin' Fishing Event
Date: Saturday, June 29th, 2019

Saturday, June 29th, 2019

To ensure that we have enough volunteers and equipment, an RSVP is helpful. Call or Text Bill at 315-420-0299 or e-mail [email protected]

More information will be coming soon